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    The standard entrance door, known as a steel door, is made of two steel cores. The external core is called the “narrow coat” and the inner core is called the “broad coat.” The core is made of galvanized steel 1.25 mm thick.

    At the bottom of the front door is a telescopic part called an “insert”. Its function is to adjust the gap between the door and the floor optimally. The door scale is located in a rubber that helps in acoustic thermal insulation. Among the reinforcement ribs defined as “runners” there is a “rock wool” filler that aids in acoustic thermal insulation.

    Entry doors as defined above are designed according to the customer’s request and according to his taste. There is an external accessory that undergoes an initial polishing process that allows the color to be assimilated into the door steel. The above process is also intended for the door frame and the door frame as needed.

    After polishing the surface of the door or any other part as specified, pass into a dusting chamber where the door is locked with the electrostatic method, a method in which the color is entered on the door by firing paint with electronic ions. In the electrostatic method, the front door receives a continuous, smooth fill of color throughout the surface.

    The door is then passed to the roasting oven where the paint is cooked at a temperature of about 210 degrees and creates the final connection of the paint with the polished surface which becomes one piece. It should be noted that each part of the door undergoes the same polishing and flaking process. This type of technology allows for precise finishing and fine finishing which does not cause cracks in the joints of the parts that are connected at the end of the process at the designed entrance door. You can also replace a damaged part without leaving traces for any reason.

    Quality Inspection

    Elidor, the leader in the field of designed doors, is committed to high standards and therefore, every designed entrance door goes to the assembly department with all its parts, meticulously assembled by experienced professionals whose task is to perform the assembling of all the parts and of course their inspection at the finishing level. After assembling the doors at the entrance that include the multi-lock lock system, the designed door undergoes a “quality inspection” process.

    Quality inspection is carried out by two professionals who have been specially trained to confirm the door before packing it. It is the responsibility of the quality auditors to ensure that each designed door has undergone the whole process and will be exiting the factory with zero malfunctions. Which the company has set for itself in the area of ​​entry doors.

    Other accessories

    The front door is provided with additional accessories:
    1. Stopper.
    2. A telescopic viewfinder (to be constructed according to the customer’s requirements)
    3. A security closure allowing partial opening.
    4. A geometric locking system with 7 locking bolts that are inserted into the doorframe.
    5. Multi Lock Lock and Cylinder (link to locking system) of the best in the world.
    6. The door frame is made of steel, 1.5 mm thick, and can be adapted to any designed door. The beauty and power of all the front doors are affected by the front of the doorpost




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